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I am sometimes asked for my views on volunteer management software. Which products are best? What should the software do? What are important features and
benefits? In this article I want to give you my perspective on three important things to consider when looking for software to help you in your volunteer engagement

  1. Get your data in order first. Remember that with any software the rule of ‘garbage in, garbage out’ applies. It doesn’t matter what the product is and what it can do, if you input rubbish data and / or fail to keep the data held up-to-date, you will not realise the benefits of investing a new system. Before you part with money for a shiny new volunteer system, get your house in order first. Make sure the data you already hold is accurate and that processes and practices are in place for – and followed by – everyone working with volunteers to keep the data in tip-top condition.
  2. Data storage vs relationship management. Do you want to simply store volunteer data so you know who your volunteers are, their contact details etc.? In some organisations an Excel spreadsheet might do this perfectly well, provided it is stored and managed in a secure manner. In others, a featured product with a few more features (data sharing between teams, for example) might do the trick, either as stand-alone volunteer system or a module in a product used by another team e.g. fundraising / development, membership, HR etc. On the other hand, you may be looking for something that goes beyond simple data storage. You might want: reporting functions; the ability to communicate with volunteers by email, SMS, WhatsApp, social media etc.; document storage and sharing; logging volunteer hours; fuller integration with other organisational systems etc.. If this is you then look to systems that provide a more fully featured suite of customer relationship management (CRM) tools for volunteers.
  3.  Put volunteers in control. As individuals we want control over our lives and our information. We want to do things on our terms, not someone else’s. For example, we like to do our banking or shopping on the move, not be tied to visiting a physical branch or grocery store all the time.People are the same when it comes to volunteering. They want to keep their own data up-to-date. They want to be in control of logging their hours. They want to be in control of when they give you their time. They want to see their own personalised reporting data. They don’t want to have to reply on speaking to you or a colleague every time they need to change their availability, update their email address, or see the current number of hours they have given this year. Look for a system that puts volunteers in control. Can they update their profile and availability? Can they apply online? Can they do all this easily from a smart- phone (app or web browser)? Volunteers who can will likely be happier and more engaged. And you’ll be able to shift your attention from updating their data for them, focusing instead on more strategic and developmental work.

While having a clear and focused strategy is the most vital tool to ensure that engagement efforts are impactful and meaningful – not to mention, sustainable – having the right infrastructure, including volunteer management software, goes hand in hand with strategy. Strategy articulates the vision (the destination for success) and establishes the route to take and milestones to pass on our journey towards that destination, but infrastructure is the vehicle that takes us there. A useful and robust volunteer management software can make the journey smooth and efficient – or bumpy and unpleasant. Here are three considerations we recommend when exploring volunteer management software for your organization.

1.     Ease of use and access to technical support. You shouldn’t have to work for your volunteer management software – the software should work for you and for the volunteers who engage with you. Find a product that is intuitive, easy to use, and easy to train others to use. Talk to other users to confirm whether the tech support is easily accessible, responsive, and helpful.

2.     Volunteer control over data and scheduling. Volunteers should be able to log in, update their own information, and even self-schedule if appropriate for your organization. When volunteers have control over their own profiles, they have more ownership over their engagement and save staff time for updating data as well. Fluid interface with mobile – so that volunteers can update their schedules using their cell phones or other devices – makes volunteering accessible to even more volunteers, who, increasingly, are accessing information and opportunities on mobile devices.

3.     Robust impact measurement. Increasingly, organizational leaders, funders, community members, and volunteers themselves are interested in understanding the difference that volunteers contribute towards mission-fulfillment. In other words, the field is interested in measuring volunteer impact in ways beyond hours served. Comprehensive volunteer management software should be a partner in this endeavor, with customizable options to track impacts such as contacts with clients, trees planted, books read, and more. In this way, the software helps to tell the story of how volunteers are a vital strategy to achieve mission.

In order to lead a modern, effective volunteer strategy, you need the right tools. Volunteer management software is an essential element to your success. 
But which platform will serve your needs best?  Below are three things to consider as you explore the options and make your investment:
  1. Be Purposeful – Use a step-by-step strategy to make your decision (see our recommended process here). Switching platforms takes a lot of time and effort, so it’s likely that you’ll live with your choice for years to come. So, choose carefully. Decide who will be part of the selection team. If volunteers will be using the software (hint: you can save a lot of time if volunteers are able to manage their own profiles and log their activity), then include a few volunteer representatives on your team. By involving people who will be the end-users of your software, you will also be developing a team of champions who will be invaluable supports in your new software roll out.
  2. Be Clear on Your Needs – While one software system can’t do it all, you need to be crystal clear on your “nice to have” versus “need to have” features.  It’s easy to get distracted by bells and whistles, but what are your core needs? What can’t you live without? What will make the investment of time and funds worthwhile? Take the time to figure this out.  You can use free our Volunteer Management Software Requirements Planning Sheet to get your ducks in a row — get your copy here.
  3. Be Sure Your System Creates Community – Yes, it’s important to log volunteer hours, track onboarding requirements, and produce reliable data. But, today’s modern volunteer strategy requires more. You need to be able to cultivate connections and deep commitment from your community, and your software should help you do that. This means that your chosen platform needs to be a workhorse in terms of communicating with volunteers, building relationships, and increasing their skills and confidence, all while you go about the rest of your day. Look for systems with automated email communications you can set and forget, e-learning functionality so that volunteers can upskill online, and a “logged in” self-service experience for volunteers that has a simple user interface. These are only a few features that can help you build and strengthen relationships with your supporters and keep them coming back for more.
I wish you the best of luck in your search and thank you for the essential work you do to make the world a better place. 🙂
 Martin’s Top 3 considerations for choosing software:
  1.  Simple to use
    I will be training people with a variety of skills and little free time in a Not for profit on using this software. If they cannot learn the basics fast, then the system is lost. I try and make all training for volunteers as short and simple as possible.
  2. Self service.
    I want volunteers and their coordinators to be able to use it as much as possible without having to come through the volunteer section or department. If a volunteer does not have access to a device or an inability to use the system, manual backups need to be able to be processed fast.
  3. Sizzling data
    I want to be able to tell my Board how the volunteers contributed in meaningful data. Sure, everyone can tell me that their volunteers gave 500 hours last week – but can you tell me the impact of those hours, the broad work duties they performed, and how the clients and volunteers felt about it? That gets me excited!

    Good luck with your work and your choices.

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